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3D Root Canals

3D/Root Canals

3D Root Canal Image

3D Image / Root Canal

This patient was sent for a root canal evaluation of tooth pain in tooth #3 (the upper right first molar).

Nothing abnormal could be seen on a regular digital xray.

Using our advanced 3-D imaging it became very clear that there is a large external root resorption on this tooth.

Endodontic treatment would not have solved his problem.

Now, with 3-D technology it is possible to see these things without having to drill into the tooth and exposing the patient to an unnecessary procedure.

Root Canal

3D Image / Root Canal

This patient had been treated by another endodontist but continued to have pain after the root canal was completed.

He had been back for multiple follow ups and was told nothing was wrong.

A 3-D scan of the tooth was obtained, and an untreated root was discovered that was infected and causing him to have pain.

Once this root was treated the patient had full resolution of his discomfort.

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