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Whether you are looking for a total smile makeover or just need a minor adjustment, we can do it all. We’ve invested in the latest technology as well as brought 3 specialized doctors together to review every patient who walks through our door.

Please read through our most common procedures and if you have any additional questions or needs, then feel free to contact us at (561) 477-7171 to schedule a consultation.
All on 4 Dental Implants Dr Orphanos

Get your smile back all in one day with the state of the art All on 4® dental implant procedure

Bone Grafting Center 4 Smiles
Bone Grafting

Using your own bone when grafting a new smile is the best option but it increases healing times.

Crown Lengthening Center 4 Smiles
Crown Lengthening

This procedure is normally required when you have a short tooth or excessive gums.

Dental Implants Dr Orphanos
Dental Implants

All patients receive a 3D Cone Beam scan to effectively diagnose and treat the problem.

Endodontics Dr Orphanos

An Endodontist is a dentist who specializes in root canals and endodontic surgery.

GentleWave Root Canal Procedure

The GentleWave system uses advanced fluid dynamics to perform a root canal.

Gum Grafting Center 4 Smiles
Gum Grafting

This is a minimally invasive microsurgery that requires a small tunnel incision and two micro-sutures.

Gummy Smile Correction
Gummy Smile Correction

Smile correction often people who have small teeth don’t really have small teeth at all.

LANAP: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure
LANAP (Laser)

LANAP – Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure used to help prevent the spread of gum disease.

Sinus Grafting
Sinus Grafting

Dealing mostly with the maxillary sinus because everyone’s sinus cavity is different.