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Why Dental Implants & Specialty Center?

Dental implants – at our offices in Boca Raton FL we only use the latest technology available. Our goal is to give you that beautiful smile you deserve. We use the latest in 3-D scan capabilities. Our facility uses advanced LANAP laser technology. And our team of doctors are also experts with our surgical microscope.

The Latest and The Greatest

In addition to our facility being a state of the art dental center we also utilize the latest technologies in 3-D radiology. This also enables us to be more effective in diagnosing our patients. This in turn allows for a more reliable treatment outcome. On staff is Dr. David Prusakowski. He is an endodontist, and a specialist with advanced microscopes, which is a tremendous asset with all procedures. Dr. Hescheles has also joined our team. Dr. Hescheles also brings his expertise in LANAP laser along with periodontology and implantology to the center.

The One and Only

The Dental Implant and Specialty Center located in Boca Raton FL. is the only dental office in the area to utilize 3-D capabilities. While also using highly specialized microscopes and the LANAP laser. The office is staffed by multiple specialty doctors who collaborate to bring their diverse talents to every patient. Not only is our staff of specialists looking to exceed their patient’s expectations. They also want to give them the complete professional dental experience.

Services with a Smile

LANAP (Laser)

LANAP: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure Periodontal disease, commonly known as “gum disease,” occurs when bacteria infects the gums around teeth, forming deep pockets and destroying tissue and bone if left untreated. Fortunately, periodontal disease is preventable…


What is an Endodontist and what do they do? An Endodontist is a dentist who specializes for an additional 2 years after dental school in performing root canals and endodontic surgery. The goal of endodontic treatment is…

Sinus Grafting

In the field of dentistry we are dealing mostly with the maxillary sinuses, and because everyone’s sinuses have different shapes and sizes it is crucial to get an exact measurement before any procedure is started. Every sinus…

Bone Grafting

When grafting bone there are a wide variety of options, however using your own bone has always been the best option. Because it is your own body, you are using living cells that immediately start to heal.…

Crown Lengthening

This procedure is normally required because of a short tooth, excessive gums, a fracture below the gum line, or old fillings and decay that extends below the gums. The procedure is performed to re-position the gum tissue…

Gum Grafting

This is a minimally invasive microsurgery that requires a small tunnel incision as well as two micro-sutures. There is no longer the need for dozens of stitches or the harvesting of thick slabs of gum tissue, because…

Gummy Smile Correction
Smile Correction Often people who have ‘small teeth’ don’t really have small teeth at all, they just have too much gum tissue. This is an easy and minor surgical procedure which allows for an immediate esthetic result…

Get Your Smile Back All in One Day! The All on 4® Dental Implant procedure was developed in the early 90s but has been perfected by our office through the years.This specialty dental procedure allows four implants…

Dental Implants

The first thing all patients will receive is a 3-D Cone Beam scan to more effectively diagnose and treat the problem area. This will help to locate the exact location of nerve canals, sinuses and bone anatomy.…

Why you should choose Dental Implant & Specialty Center

Dr. Orphanos
Board Certified Periodontist
Dr. Hescheles
Periodontist and LANAP specialist
Dr. Prusakowski
Board-Eligible Endodontist

Why Dental Implant & Specialty Center?

Our office has the latest in 3-D scan capabilities

Our office has the LANAP laser

Our doctors are experts with our surgical microscope

Creating a beautiful permanent smile for the rest of your life See our smiles here