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Dr Orphanos International Recognition

All-On-4® by Dr Orphanos

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Dr. Orphanos felt the need to investigate a simpler solution to full arch dental implant supported restorations. Bone grafts, require substantial healing times. Therefore staged approaches to dental implant placement, and the need for several provisional restorations presented itself as a hurdle for the patients. Because they could face several restorations, which meant more time and money.

For numerous patients finding such a treatment plan was time consuming. The dental implant training was not only a concern of time, but was also a concern over the financial cost. The All on 4 patient solution was the answer to both of these concerns. All on four requires less time to complete the surgery. Which means the cost is lower for the patient.

Dr Orphanos Lecture

All On 4® Dental implant Training

Dr Orphanos Training

All on four is a treatment technique that has evolved over time. It is taught as a precise dental implant process. Implants are precisely placed on the top and bottom of your mouth. All on Four provides significant benefits. Patients get full arch restoration, as well as reducing the need for a bone graph. It also reduces further bone loss and shortens installation time.

This process will then restore your full smile. That’s the beauty of the all-on-four. The All-on-4 treatment concept owes its name to the very nature of the method. At least twelve teeth fixed in the jaw, based only on four titanium implants.

Because the implant is made of titanium, it can fuse to living bone. And this unique ability, allows it to function as a part of it. Eventually, the dental implant becomes part of the jawbone. This serves as a strong, long-lasting foundation for your new teeth.

Dr Orphanos at International Conferences

Dr. Orphanos travels regularly to international conferences to be a primary speaker regarding the All on 4® procedure. He offers a 2 day training course in addition to his public speaking.

Dental Implant Course is offered at Orphanos Implant Center. This is a two day, course study on the All on 4® procedure. Its designed to be a complete and comprehensive course study, but also to provide clinician’s with the latest implant technique knowledge they need. This dental implant course will give Dentist’s the skill set to diagnose and create a treatment plan for the patient. They will also receive hands on experience in the surgical, laboratory, and restorative aspects of the All on 4® procedure.

Dr. Orphanos’ driven esthetics protocol will educate the participants in the dental implant course on this process. Participants will definitively learn how to also improve the patient’s smile as well as enhance the facial soft tissues of the patient.

Dr Orphanos International Recognition

The didactic component of the course shows three patients with different incisal edge positions. They include too extruded, the correct position and too apically positioned. The ramifications of encountering all three scenarios will be discussed. Also to be discussed is how to treat each case. To predictably improve the patients esthetics, and phonetics. In addition to their function, and soft tissue support, critical esthetic criteria such as lip position and mobility, nasolabial grooves, nasomental grooves and Marionette lines will all be discussed. Dr. Orphanos’ course is quite unique in that it addresses the patient’s concerns with regard to the soft tissue down to the occlusal scheme.

He will in addition, illustrate how to effectively change the soft tissue appearance of a patient while also improving the patient’s smile and delivering a functional occlusion. His protocol also illustrates a step by step diagnostic and surgical technique. Dr. Orphanos’ approach will effectively deliver a result that exceeds the patients’ expectations.

The course is not limited to the all encompassing treatment aspects of the procedure. It also discusses case presentation technique as well as utilizing Keynote for Mac to perform an amazing chair side presentation. Participants will be taught how to deliver a “wow” effect when presenting a case to the patient. The benefits of photography will be discussed as well as camera use and photographic technique. Participants are encourage to bring a Mac laptop and their cameras.

This course therefore, is also not intended for the novice. Rather the course is was designed by Dr. Orphanos for those who already have extensive implant experience but lack the immediate, full arch protocol in their clinical resources.