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Single Implants

The implants were placed by Dr. Orphanos. This case is exceptionally challenging because this young female patient has an extremely high smile line. If the implants are not placed perfectly, then achieving a final cosmetic result with the implant crowns would not be possible. The implant were placed perfectly and a perfect result was achieved.

Esthetic Implant crowns: by Dr. Chad Kamel (boca raton)
Single Implant Case #6

Single Implant by Dr. Orphanos: This patient fractured his crown off. He had an implant placed and a custom abutment and implant crown made. Can you tell which is the implant? The purpose of an implant is to mimic nature and to be as natural looking as possible. To this day this patient forgets which is the implant and which are his natural teeth. This photo was taken 2 years after his implant procedure was performed, illustrating a long lasting natural look.

Single Implant#1

Can you tell which are the implants and which are the teeth. There are two implants with implant crowns in this photo.


Can you tell which are implants and which are teeth? This is an implant bridge. All the teeth in this photo are part of a bridge supported by dental implant.


This photo was taken 3 years after the work was done. These natural looking teeth are not teeth at all but a dental implant bridge. Implants were placed and an implant bridge was fabricated, resulting in a very “real look” and not a fake looking smile.


Can you tell which of the upper teeth is an implant and which are her natural teeth?  They are all implants!



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