Sinus Grafting

In the field of dentistry we are dealing mostly with the maxillary sinuses, and because everyone’s sinuses have different shapes and sizes it is crucial to get an exact measurement before any procedure is started. Every sinus is given a 3-D scan in order to determine the individual patient’s problem. It is highly important to avoid placing dental implants into the sinuses, so depending on where the implant needs to go there may be a need for a graft in order to create a stable anchor.

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The Dental Implant & Specialty Center will only use a Piezoelectric Drilling Unit for the Lateral Caldwell Luck procedure. This procedure is often employed when there is minimal bone and the area requires a substantial amount of grafting. The Piezo unit is used to gently remove bone and does not generate heat, thus minimizing post-operative complications and discomfort.

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The sinus grafting procedure is highly customized for each person. Book your consultation today to get started with a:

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