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The patient was unhappy with her gummy smile. So She decided to undergo a gummy smile correction procedure. Needless to say the change was also dramatic. Our Patient was also happy with the changes in her appearance. We have received Permission for a full face photo.

The dramatic change in the gummy smile correction is apparent. The patients new dental smile completely pleased overwhelming, and drastically changed this patients looks.

This patient had a gummy smile after her braces came off. Not only did she have a smile beautiful, her smile was also enhanced. With a minimally invasive gum reshaping procedure. It is not atypical, especially for females to have excessive overgrown gums after braces ( orthodontics). The patient was extremely happy with her smile.

This patient is a 25 year old female who was unhappy with her gummy smile. She was also referred to Dr. Orphanos for his expertise. Most people with a gummy smile do not have small teeth, they have too much gum tissue. Dr. Orphanos corrected her gummy smile with a simple and easy procedure requiring minimal recuperation. The patient was ecstatic with her final result.

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