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Gummy Smile Correction

The patient was unhappy with her  gummy smile. She decided to pursue a gummy smile correction procedure. Needless to say the change was dramatic. She is exceptionally pleased with the overall change in her appearance. Permission was granted for a full face photo.

Gummy Smile Correction photo.jpg

The dramatic change in the gummy smile correction is apparent. The patient was exceptionally pleased with her new dental smile. Her dental esthetics were drastically changed.

Gummy smile correction photo.2jpg

This patient had a gummy smile after her braces came off. With a minimally invasive gum reshaping procedure, her smile was enhanced. It is not atypical, especially for females to have excessive overgrown gums after braces ( orthodontics). The patient was extremely happy with her smile.

This patient is a 25 year old female who was unhappy with her gummy smile. She was referred to Dr. Orphanos to correct her gummy smile. Most people with a gummy smile do not have small teeth, they just have too much gum tissue. Dr. Orphanos corrected her gummy smile with a simple and easy procedure that requires minimal recuperation.The patient was ecstatic with her final result.


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